Tuesday, 10 August 2010


We woke up at 6, took a bath, and checked out from the hotel. While waiting for Wayan at the hotel lobby, Van took pictures of the Balinese lady who did the morning ritual, bringing the offerings to the gods. Then finally Wayan came to take us to the airport. On the way to the airport, we dropped by at Walet Mas Jaya shop - Titiles at jalan raya Kuta No.307 AA. Phone 0361-755032. They sell many kinds of processed meat such as sausages and dried meat, since years ago. We bought some pork sausages. Then we straight went to Ngurah Rai Airport. Luckily our baggage wasn't over weight. So we didn't have to pay extra money for it. Ray and Van ordered boiled noodle at the airport cafetaria, and I didn't. Then they went sight see around the airport shops. I sat at the waiting room, reading my magazine, while waiting for our luggage. When they're back after the boarding call, I straight went to the toilet, before joining them in the queue. Our flight back to Jakarta was Air Asia QZ 7519 at 9.45 Bali time. Bye bye Bali. Hope to see you again very soon.... We arrived at Jakarta at 10.25 and by taxi we went home. Their face looked so exhausted, and so was mine. After the long traffic jam, finally we reached to Van and Ray apartment. After they got out of the cab, I headed straight to my home. Finally, the journey was really over. Hopefully they really enjoyed the trip with me, remember their faces that seemed not so happy. May be I was really a nuisance for their togetherness. May be they just wanted to be more private or intimate, and they were really sorry going for 3 person. Hmmm...... So sorry man, I didn't know if both of you had something in between...hmm.... What can I say....just congratulation to both of you.


On the last day, Van and Ray went to join the diving and other water sports at Tanjung Benoa. I didn't come with them because I dislike the situation over there. Too crowded I thought. So I decided to go to Vihara Buddha Dharma at Jalan Sunset Road 88, Seminyak. My friend Selvy, several times had asked me to send some medicine to a monk, named Bhante Kirti over there. So, I wanted to see the place. It's a good building but no one there praying. So I just prayed short while, then I left. I also paid visit to Joger shop at Kuta but nothing I bought because there was so crowded and hot. I couldn't stand stay longer inside the shop. Then I dropped by to taste Mbok Limbok Kalasan Fried Chicken at jalan Patih Jelantik. I ate crispy Lele fish and chicken breast, while Wayan only ate chicken. They open 24 hours a day, and we could eat rice and fresh vegetables as much as we want. Beside the stall, there was Mrs Andhika hot rice stall. So I tasted it also. I think, Mrs Anik's was much better than this. So, it's not recommended. Then I went to Hawaii Souvenir store. There I bought the better quality barong shirts with the bigger size for me and Ray. But, there were only 4 colors, so I let Ray picked 2 of them. They didn't have the better quality for smaller size so, I didn't buy for Van. Finished shopping, I called Van and Ray, and apparently they had finished already. So I decided to pick them up. When I arrived there, the in love couple were sitting in the hut, chatting and smiling while staring each other romantically. Did my coming interrupt them ??? Hmm....only God knows. I was introduced to the owner of water sport place, the young Chinese man from Riau, who got married with Bali woman and already run the business for years there. Then we continued the trip to Planet Hollywood at Bali Galleria Shopping World. Its location at jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, Denpasar. Phone 0361 757827. We bought some T shirts and tasted the drinks and pizza. After taking some pictures, we went to see the Kuta Galleria beside it. There's nothing much to see except shops, so we continued the trip to Discovery Shopping Mall at Kartika Plasa Street, Kuta. We didn't enter the mall, but went straight to the beach behind the mall. We made palms and foot prints on the sands and took pictures of them. Not too long after that, we decided to try the massage at Green Villas Hotel and Spa, at Jalan Dewi Sartika 1BB, Tuban. Phone 0361 766317. Their room was quite good, but not the rate. it's expensive. And Van had a very bad experience about the type of massage she chose. Ray was the one who enjoyed the massage most, while I was just so so. When we're having massage, Orchid sent me sms asking about Wayan. I asked her to join us to have dinner at Chandra suckling pig again. She agreed and Wayan picked her up. Finally we had the last dinner at Chandra. I, as usual didn't eat the suckling pig, but the pork satay, ice ream and tasted the milk pie. I found it delicious so I packed 40 pcs for taking away to Jakarta. Then, we're back to the hotel. We took pictures in front of the car, together with Wayan and Orchid. After paying the rest for the car's rental fee, we're saying good bye to them. Start packing that nite and had some sleep.


We're curious about the famous of Bebek Bengil Restaurant. So, we dropped by and taste it. Its location at Padang Tegal, Ubud. Phone: (0361) 975489. I only tried the small part of crispy duck. It's ok. But the drinks we ordered, were unpleasant. And the price is not cheap. They have a beautiful nature's scenery with its bali decoration for the place and garden, so we could enjoy the view and the wind breeze. Then we dropped by at Mrs Oka Suckling Pig, at jalan Tegal Sari No.2, Ubud-Gianyar. Phone 0361 967343. But we didn't eat there, because we're full already. Ray just ordered for take away. Then we straight back to Kuta beach, because the lady grumbled that after the 3rd day in Bali, we hadn't played at the beach at all. We reached Kuta beach at almost 5. The beach was so crowded. Many surfers there, were surfing on the beach. I really love the beach since I was a kid. That's why, without long waiting, I just go straight playing in the beach and let the waves wetting me from head to toe. It's really exciting then. I played alone until the sun's gone, while Van and Ray acted like a couple of honeymooner, by the beach. Maybe Bali really has the magic to turn enemy into lover. They're so romantic like the two love birds in love....Bali was their own and other just tenants.... After playing at the beach, we went back to the hotel and the 2 lovers were sitting at the car trunk, with open cap, because they hadn't changed their wet clothes, and everybody who happened to see them along the way, said hi to them. Arrived at the hotel, I straight went to the bath room for taking a bath and they continued swimming at the hotel's pool. That nite, we went to Inner glow again, to have massage. What a comfortable life we had.

Monday, 9 August 2010


On the third day, we went to Gianyar area. First stop, we dropped by at Cening Bagus, the art and souvenir shop, at jalan Raya Batubulan No. 100X, Sukawati-Gianyar. Phone (0361) 292308. We bought some snacks and T shirts (again) there, because the price was cheaper. Then we moved to BATIK GALUH SHOP, the center for Bali batik. It's a very big store with a lovely Bali decoration on its back yard. It's located at jalan Raya Batubulan, Gianyar. Phone (0361) 298304, 299496, Not far from Cening Bagus. We bought some clothes again there because I heard from my mom, who recommended me this place, that their products is better quality than other place. But it's really hard to find bigger size such as Raymond's. Then we continued our next destination to have breakfast. We tried the famous Kedewatan Chicken Rice of Mrs Mangku. Its location at jalan Raya Kedewatan, Ubud-Gianyar. Phone (361) 974 795. Located at Kedewatan village, we quickly found it because numerous cars were parked in front of the place, a Balinese style house which has been converted into a restaurant. Apparently Nasi ayam (chicken rice) is the only menu available here. Then we dropped by at Naughty Nuri's Stall, at jalan raya Sanggingan. A unique small stall with unique decoration on it. Their specialize in grill pork chop and ribs. The taste was really good. After eating, then we went to Tampak Siring Palace. But, unfortunately, the place is not open for public anymore, now. So we just dropped by at Tirta Empul Temple, which famous with its magical water sources, of which believed can make young forever. We didn't bring our changing clothes so we're just wetting our face with its water. After taking pictures, then we left. We went to Kintamani area to see the beautiful scenery of Mount Batur with its lake. The climate's there is cool. I liked to be there. Many people offered us to go to Trunyan, an island in the middle of Batur lake. Its unique tradition made its area very popular when my first time visiting Bali with my family. All the dead body, who's the origin of that area, will not be buried, but they'll just put it under the trees. The trees of frankincense over there, absorb the smell of the decomposition process, so we can see them without the smell. I refused to go there again, because there's nothing else to see but the dead. Then, Ray bought the Balinese chess for only Rp 100,000. He's so lucky, because the seller first offered him for US$ 35, and because we didn't really want to buy it, so we're just bargain cruelly. So, we never expected that he would give us that chess. Then we bought some bananas and salaks because Ray and Van like them. There's a kid offering me to draw a temporary tattoo on my arm, because he saw that among 3 of us, it's only me who hadn't had any tattoo yet. Actually I liked the dragon pic he offered, but I was afraid we had no enough time to continue the trip. So, I refused it though I felt so pity on him. Sorry kid, may be next time...


From Ayana, we dropped by at Chandra. It's a restaurant that specialize in Suckling Pig, located at jalan Teuku Umar no 140, Denpasar. Phone (0361) 221278. According to Van and Ray, the taste was really good. But the price was not cheap. I just ate 10 sticks of pork satay, and Rum Raisin ice cream. Really delicious, nyum...nyum.
Before going back to the hotel, we passed by Mrs Anik Hot Rice stall. So we decided to taste it. The taste was Ok, and the price was cheap too. But our stomach were too full that time, so we couldn't eat much. At least we already knew it. Full stomach, feeling happy. After reaching the hotel, we continued walking to have massage not far from our hotel. There are many of them offering their service, but we decided to try at Inner Glow Spa and Wellness. it is located at Jalan Benesari, Legian-Kuta. Phone (0361) 3618807. Their service was very good. This place is really recommended.


Finally we reached double six club at Seminyak. When we're there, there was nobody joining. With the help of Orchid, we finally got 50% discount. There we met Orchid in person for the first time. She's an interesting young fatty girl. Funny and talkative. Unfortunately, Ray didn't bring his Indonesian driving license, so he couldn't get 50% discount. 20% discount only. Lucky for Van. I was the recording man from the ground. Van jumped first. At first, I thought she would scare to death. But...she's really a tomboy girl. She just jumped easily as if she's going to sleep. All I could remember just her scream. The happy scream. The second round was....Ray, my tattoo bro. He jumped out from the edge and I could see he's bouncing up and down. I was really afraid if the rope would have broken because of his 100 kgs body weight. But, everything ended just fine. He just got a rash on his foot, friction with the rope. They seemed very happy, relieved, and satisfied. Then we continued to Ayana, because we couldn't enter there, the day before. And that time we really enjoyed the sunset until dark. What an experience...


From Teman Joger, we went to Tanah Lot Temple. It is located in a coastal side of Beraban, Tabanan. It is situated in 30 Km, the west side of Denpasar and about 11 Km in south side of Tabanan. The temple is built on the rock with 3 acre size and reachable in a few minutes by walk, because it is just 20 meters from the coastal lip. This temple is very famous among tourist destinations in Bali because of its spectacular view of sunset. At some nooks of coral reef around Tanah Lot Temple there are holy tame snake in black and white color, and according to the local society, they believe that it as a deity property and as the guard of the temple from the bad influence. Tanah Lot means land in the middle of the sea. The temple sits on a huge offshore rock which has been shaped continously over the years by the ocean tide. There are many stalls that sell souvenir and T-shirts over there. Van got another tatoo on her back waist. She bought some bangles and tweezers. Ray also bought some T-shirts, and so did I. I got my favorite barong shirts, all 10 colors. Though the quality was not so good, but I like them all, and they're not too expensive. When we reached the side of the temple, the tide was high. So, we couldn't get any closer to the temple. We just took pictures from distance. Then we're rushing back to the car, because I already had another appointment with AJ Hackett Double Six Club at Seminyak, for Ray and Van joining the Bungee Jumping activity. But the traffic jam was so bad. We hardly could get out from the parking lot, because that day was the last day of Tanah Lot Art Festival, so there were an accumulation of visitors coming there to see its closing time. I didn't know how long had Wayan taken to get out of that crowd, because I already fell asleep that time. I woke up when we're reaching Seminyak beach.


One of the favorite place to eat for my beloved bro and sis was Balinese Suckling Pig. That day, we dropped by at Andi Jaya Suckling Pig stall, on our way back from Bedugul to Teman Joger shop at Ubud. The street named Baturity, Luwus village, Tabanan. The stall is on our left. Very crowded and cheap. Luckily we're not late, because, after taking our order, when Ray wanted to have some more, the seller said they had no more. I personally, didn't eat it. I never liked Balinese suckling pig, because it's too wet for me. The dry part only the skin which is crispy. But they were really like it. Then...we went to Teman Joger (Tempat Nyaman Joger). It's a store that sells mostly T shirts with unique words printed on it. They're originally made in Bali. I'm not too keen on their products because I think their T shirt's price is not cheap. So, I just bought one shirt only. Actually I liked a small Chinese model cabinet with many drawers on it, at their store, but I was afraid it would cost me much for the shipping fee to Jakarta. When I asked Orchid about the shipping fee, she said it's not too expensive, but I didn't have much time to go back to that place. May be someday...if I'm lucky I still can get it.


After that, we continued to Bedugul area to visit Ulun Danu Bratan temple, or Pura Bratan, which is a major water temple on Bali. The temple complex is located on the shores of Danau Bratan (Lake Bratan) in the mountains near Bedugul. The climate there was cool and the morning air was so fresh, made me want to sleep again. The ambiance was really good, especially for me, who don't like the hot temperature.